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Welcome to a place where understanding meets action, where challenges transform into opportunities, and where every young individual with ADHD discovers their unparalleled potential. 


I'm Nate McCord

My path to becoming an ADHD coach was neither direct nor easy. Growing up, school was a battleground. I was the kid who was always talking, the one who dozed off mid-sentence while reading. Throughout my academic journey, including graduate school, I struggled silently, rarely opening a textbook, feeling lost and disconnected.

It was only after confronting these challenges head-on — seeking help, getting tested, and being diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, and depression — that my true journey began. This diagnosis wasn't an end but a groundbreaking new beginning. It led me to understand and eventually embrace the complexities of my mind.

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Finding Strength in the Struggle

Since that pivotal moment, I've been on a journey to understand and embrace these diagnoses. I've wrestled with my own body and searched for ways to find help. It was during this journey that I met an incredible ADHD coach named Leslie. She showed me something profound: ADHD and dyslexia are not weaknesses; they are hidden strengths waiting to be uncovered. They may appear as weaknesses when left untreated, but with the right coaching and structure, I was able to see their potential as strengths.

Why I Do It

Many children and teens with ADHD can feel left out, they struggle with schoolwork, and find it hard to make friends. They feel misunderstood and see themselves in a negative light. It can be heart-wrenching to watch them navigate these challenges, from social exclusion to arguments at home and school.

Therefore, my goal is to help your child:

  • Connect and Thrive Socially: Learn the skills to make lasting friendships, understand social cues, and become a part of a supportive community.
  • Master Executive Functions: Gain essential skills for organizing, planning, and completing tasks, making school and home responsibilities manageable and less overwhelming.
  • Embrace Their True Self: Discover the strengths hidden within their ADHD and start seeing themselves in a positive, empowering light.

Ready to Transform Your Child's Life?

Your child's journey from feeling left out and misunderstood to becoming confident and skilled starts here. Let's partner together to guide your child to uncover their superpowers hidden within ADHD.

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